Good Food! Passionate Devotion! Vibrant Lifestyle! 

Who is Marcello

  Both a chef and wine sommelier, Marcello was trained in the culinary arts in his home country of Italy. His talent for creating exceptional meals and matching them to superb wines has allowed him to work in great restaurants in Italy, England and the US. He moved to Washington State in 2006 to share his love for food in the great Pacific Northwest.

  Marcello found his love for food at a very young age. Some of his fondest childhood memories include his mother, Nicolina Doria in the kitchen, teaching him how to cook and sparking his love for this art. She always told him that the Italian way of living is defined by a love of good food, a passionate devotion to flavor and a vibrant lifestyle. He has named this establishment “Doria” in honor to his mother whom  planted the seeds to his lifelong devotion to cooking.

  Our goal is to share with friends and family that eating is for enjoyment, health and good living. Every meal is an opportunity to gather and celebrate life!

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